The World at 56k Bits per Second

The broadband internet connection (provided by Adelphia) is currently working. This morning, however, it was not working, nor was it working last weekend. The week before that it was down more than it was up. Although we have a phone modem for use as a backup connection to the internet, using it is an exercise in frustration that would overwhelm even Job. Too many sites are designed for the broadband user, filled with ads, graphics, and images.

Sadly, we are too far removed from the phone company substation to get DSL. That leaves ISDN, partial T1, and satellite as potential replacements. ISDN is too expensive and too slow. Partial T1 is completely impossible as the price is multiple hundreds of dollars per month. Satellite costs more than cable, is significantly slower than cable, and I worry about the reliability.

I’m hoping that Adelphia will get its act together, that way I can avoid having to spend more money (at least until DSL is available), but I hold out little hope. As everyone knows, Adelphia is being sold due to bankruptcy, which will probably lead to even more reliability problems in the near future.

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