Pulse Voltage Boost Version 3

The major issue with using Dick Cappel’s voltage boost circuit to drive a MOSFET is that a resistor would be used to pull down the gate voltage. This issue can be addressed by adding another transistor to actively pull down the voltage at the appropriate time. An additional transistor (an NPN) can be used very much as the first, except that it is set up to activate whenever the emitter voltage is less than the base voltage (essentially).

This configuration can be cascaded so that a single pulse voltage tripler (or more) can be constructed.

The following LTspice simulation shows the voltages at the 3 Pn points – the output of the pulse generator, the output of the first stage, and the input to the MOSFET.

Of course, this is cute and all, but in reality it would almost never be useful. Too many parts.

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