More Fuzzy Spots

Several weeks ago we picked up a goto equatorial mount, a little 80mm doublet “APO” refractor, and a DSI II Pro CCD camera. Below is the first complete color image (M27) that I’ve taken using the new equipment:

M27 – unguided - LRGB

The exposure for the above image: L 247×21.2sec, R 60×30sec, G 60×30sec, B60×30sec, color combined in MaxIm DL/CCD.

Envisage, the capture software that comes with the DSI Pro II, is wonderful. It will stack multiple images live. The stacking process includes dark frame subtraction and translational as well as rotational adjustments. This means that I can use the goto function of the new mount to point the 80mm scope at things that I cannot see visually through an 8 inch scope, then I can then watch as the image develops into one that rivals that of a much larger scope at a dark sites. In addition, it will save the individual frames so that they can be reprocessed later.

2007/06/22 – edited to remove several horrible editing errors

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