The Heart of IC1805 in Ha

The following is an Ha image of the heart of IC1805.

The Heart of IC1805

Guided, 97×300 seconds, ZS 80 ED II, DSI Pro II with Razorback cooler, Ha filter.

For a wonderful image of much more of this nebula see this image on Wolfgang Promper’s CCD Images site.

The shorter sub-exposures have improved the star shapes significantly. At this point I’m certain that the problem that I’m having with stars being out-of-round is due to flexure between the guiding and imaging scopes. I currently have two different approaches to solving the problem to try out. One involves a dichroic beam splitter and the elimination of the guide scope completely, the other involves remounting the guide scope components so that everything is mounted directly on a dovetail plate. Hopefully one or the other will eliminate the issue.

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