Since it is galaxy season, and due to the fact that narrow band filters really don’t do a thing for galaxies, I’ve decided to try capturing some variable stars. The don’t make very interesting images, but they do make interesting graphs once the images are reduced to photometric data and plotted. The first one up is XY Leo, as it has a very short period, which means that one night’s worth of data should show an unambiguous result.

Below is one of the images showing the object star (XY Leo), the reference star and the check star.

Image showing object star (XY Leo), reference and check star selections.

Below is the resulting photometric graph computed from all of the images. The blue line shows XY Leo, and the dark black line shows the check star. While there is a lot of noise, the resulting graph makes the variability of XY Leo very easy to see.

Graph showing variability of XY Leo during a three hour period.

As the images used were taken without any filters, the data is not really useful to anyone. As such, a photometric V filter has been ordered so that I can gather data that would be useful to someone.

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